Eagles Soar at Transitional Housing

Two Boy Scout Eagle candidates and their troop of volunteers took on similar projects at GRACE Transitional Housing in May of 2013, both with equally marvelous results.

The Hollywood version would be titled “Dueling Eagles”—two daring, heroic young men pitted against one another in a contest requiring the utmost strategy, skill, ingenuity and leadership. Each would bring a company of dedicated experts bent on the success of their leader and driven by pride in their accomplishments.

The two would square off on opposite sides—the ebb and flow of their campaign based on the savvy and planning of the heroes. In the end, both would prevail for the good of all. And GRACE has two really nice looking carports.

By pure coincidence, Craig Allen and Steven Smith achieved the most coveted of individual Scouting awards this past weekend by repairing and painting the carports at GRACE Transitional Housing.

Steven, a member of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 344 in Colleyville, and Craig, from Troop 402 in Southlake, each approached GRACE individually seeking a proper project to put forward to satisfy the requirements of their Eagle Scout programs.

Each then chose to refurbish a carport, and each scheduled their project dates at Transitional Housing based on the when their volunteers could serve and the time it would take to plan and gather materials. It just so happened that both young men chose the same Saturday.

Craig and his crew of volunteers worked on the south carport; and Steven and team set out to refurbish the north carport.

The level of disrepair was parallel. Both carports needed repairs to the corrugated metals roofing and steel posts. Old paint was scraped. Rusted sections were ground out and patched. Missing bolts and other connectors were replaced. New materials were placed in areas too worn by time and deterioration.

Finally, primer and paint was brought forward and applied with the blessings and directions of Theresa Mason of W2W Painting. Theresa and W2W, a local residential and commercial painting company, have provided paints, supplies and expertise for many recent projects at GRACE.

In the closing scene, both groups gathered to admire the hard work, dedication and generosity of each other, and congratulate the newest Eagle Scouts.

This article was originally published in the GRACE Newsletter on May 15, 2013. Republished with permission.