R.O.L.L. O.N. (Reaching Out, Lifting Lives, Offering New-beginnings) is a 501(c)(3)organization whose mission is to provide the paint and home maintenance/renovation supplies necessary to rebuild and refurbish homes and businesses for individuals in need. Whether affected by a natural disaster or restricted by age, disabilities or poor economic circumstances, R.O.L.L. O.N. provides the resources to community organizations that aid in the transformation of these homes and businesses from worn and damaged to new and clean again.

R.O.L.L. O.N. believes strongly in the emotional and powerful effects of color and the freshness and cleanliness a new coat of paint, a new fence, a clean floor… can provide for a family or individual.  R.O.L.L. O.N., therefore, distributes only new material to these organizations and individuals, and emphasizes the uniqueness of each recipient’s home and place of business.

R.O.L.L. O.N. is set up as a non-profit organization with paying members (“Partners”) and non-paying members (“Contributors”). Contractors, companies and individuals who choose to become R.O.L.L. O.N. Partners commit to an on-going donation program structure and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and/or committees.  Contributors are non-paying members who make donations to R.O.L.L. O.N. outside of the established programs.

R.O.L.L. O.N. establishes relationships with local community outreach programs, home rehabilitation organizations, and disaster relief organizations in need of these resources, and creates the sustainable, efficient framework for collecting and distributing the materials/supplies donated by the Partners and Contributors.

The R.O.L.L. O.N. Board of Directors meets periodically to determine the recipient organizations and the amount of money to be distributed to these organizations for the purchase of paint and painting supplies.  Distributions are based on the amount of money that has been collected by the Partners and Contributors at that particular time.

Our Board of Directors

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Theresa Mason
Magnolia Realty
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Justin Mason
Justin Mason Entertainment
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