Thank you, W2W Painting!

R.O.L.L. O.N. began as a vision by W2W Painting President, Theresa Mason, in 2009. She knew the benefits and satisfaction that came from giving her customers a fresh new coat of paint on the walls of their homes, and she wanted to provide that same feeling to others who might not have otherwise been able to afford her services.   Theresa began donating the monetary equivalent of a gallon of paint to R.O.L.L. O.N. for every home that W2W painted. R.O.L.L. O.N. then worked with local organizations and families in need of paint, to help them select colors and finishes for their individual projects, providing all of their paint material needs.

In 2013 when Theresa decided to sell the company, W2W had donated the monetary equivalent of over 430 gallons of paint to R.O.L.L. O.N! With these donations, R.O.L.L. O.N. was able to provide the paint and painting supplies to refurbish the exterior of a home in south Dallas through the Hearts and Hammers organization, provide the paint to freshen up the main GRACE office building in Grapevine and re-paint some apartments and carports at the transitional housing apartment complex for GRACE. We greatly appreciate the support and contributions from W2W Painting!